Naturopathic doctors (ND) are primary care physicians in Oregon and Washington who focus on individualized medicine.  Licensed naturopathic doctors undergo a 4-year, post-graduate training that encompasses current practices in evidence-based medicine and natural approaches to health.  ND’s are trained to diagnose and treat based on history taking, physical exams, lab work, and imaging similarly to medical doctors, but additionally we have natural treatment options at our fingertips. 

Naturopathic doctors believe in the innate healing potential of the body and use therapies that support this process.  We look to treat underlying causes and patterns, not just a disease or its symptoms. As primary care physicians, we are trained to work in coordination with all health care providers and strive to support our patients in any way we can.  To learn more about the principles of naturopathic medicine, click here.



NDs act as primary care physicians and therefore can see you for any condition that your primary care MD would see you for. NDs also have additional tools that can help those patients for which conventional treatments have failed or worked poorly.  We also work to prevent new illness and keep healthy patients healthy.  NDs look at risk factors for illness and give patients options to prevent chronic illness and encourage optimal health. Click here to see a list of conditions Dr. Yates treats commonly.


After graduating with an undergraduate degree that includes common science and math prerequisites, licensed Naturopathic doctors must attend and graduate from an accredited school.  Naturopathic doctors are trained in basic medical and clinical sciences, including pathology and physiology, clinical and physical diagnosis, pharmaceuticals, minor surgery, and Naturopathic philosophy and therapeutics.  ND’s also undergo clinical training for the last two years of the four year program, seeing patients under the guidance of a licensed ND. Additionally, we are required to complete preceptorship rotations with licensed doctors.  Upon graduation, we receive a doctoral degree, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND). In Oregon and Washington, Naturopathic graduates must pass a licensing examination before they are licensed to practice primary care medicine.

Are Naturopathic doctors (ND) licensed physicians?

In the state of Oregon and Washington, after graduating from an accredited naturopathic medical school, graduates must pass board examinations and are then eligible to be licensed to practice primary care.  To maintain licensure there is an annual continuing education requirement that includes pharmacology.

How is an ND different from an MD?

NDs in Oregon and Washington are licensed to diagnose and treat patients as primary care providers. Similarly to medical doctors, we take a complete medical history, do physical exams, and order lab tests and imaging studies when necessary. We use evidence-based medicine for clinical decision making just as an MD would.  NDs in Oregon and Washington also have prescribing rights that include almost all prescription medications and we are licensed to perform minor surgery.

We strive to encourage the innate healing power of the body with the therapeutics we utilize.  We know the intricate details of the body and know that unless the root cause of an illness is uncovered, a full recovery will not occur.  Additionally, NDs are trained in natural alternatives that have proven effective over the years in supporting the body in its healing process.

NDs take the time with each patient to listen to their entire story in order to get to the bottom of their symptoms.  A visit with an ND is typically much longer and the conversation is much more comprehensive.  A new patient visit may last from 60 to 90 minutes and follow-up visits are often 30 to 60 minutes; this is at least twice as long as a typical visit with an MD.  During these visits, we spend much of our time educating patients on optimal lifestyle choices, and disease prevention.

Will You Work in Partnership with my Medical Doctor or specialist?

Yes! As a matter of fact, an integrative health care team approach is often necessary in chronic or severe conditions. Dr. Yates is happy to serve as your primary care physician, or work in conjunction with your medical doctor or specialist.

Come see Dr. Yates for optimal health and wellness.

You are in charge of your health, but everyone can use a partner on their healthcare journey.  Let Dr. Yates help you navigate your way through the hype on the road to wellness that is right for you.  You will receive personalized attention, personalized treatment, and all of the tools you need for optimal health.

I offer integrated Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine. Some people choose one or the other, but most patients choose to utilize tools from both. The combined effects of these systems are incredible and far-reaching in terms of their ability to treat a variety of health conditions.

If you are still unsure whether or not Naturopathic medicine is the right choice for you, please schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Dr. Shawnte Yates by clicking below.